Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My lame attempt at live-blogging the ObamaCare infomercial...

Here we go...I'll see if I can keep from throwing up on the TV (or throwing something at it).

His grandmother died recently...yeah, from injuries suffered when he threw her under the bus during the campaign.
He gets letters every day from people who can't afford insurance...yeah, I believe that about as far as I can throw him with one arm.

I would like to punch Diane Sawyer in the face.

Who decides what coverage is adequate, Mr. President? You and your government bureaucrats? I want to decide for myself, thank you very much.

Damn right they're paid fees for services. IT'S A BUSINESS. Changing the incentive structure is going to chase good doctors away. Why invest in medical education and training if you can't make a good living by it?

The initiative HAS been forthcoming, you twit. It's called profit.

There's a difference between "access to care" and "ability to pay for care." People have access to care. They can choose to pay for it directly or to pay for medical insurance; unfortunately, some people choose to pay for cars and houses they can't afford, or for cell phones, cable TV and big-screen TV sets and other toys they don't need instead. It's a matter of priorities.

Back from commercial...

Government bringing down costs. HAHA! I almost fell off the couch just then.

Medical students with large student loan debt making practice decisions based on how much they can make...So they're going to make more money under your socialist system? Right.

Goverment is the answer...blah...blah...starting to run together...

46 million uninsured only comes to about 15% of our population. 15 percent! We're going to completely wreck the system for 15 percent of the people. And a sizable number of them are uninsured by choice! (More on that later or tomorrow.)

Remember when the AMA booed our Dear Leader last week?

Sorry, AMA prez, he's not going to answer that question...after the break they'll just pretend it was never asked.

Maybe he'll answer it after all.

You keep saying people will get to keep their plans...but what's going to happen to private insurers when their customers defect in droves to take advantage of free ObamaCare? Many of them may fold, or raise their prices. What happens to my private plan then? Also, you forgot to mention that you're planning to tax my insurance premiums.

So, Mayo Clinic Guy, we'll just kill them off rather than continue treating them? Did you forget about the Hippocratic Oath?

If you think for one second that a 99-year-old woman would get a pacemaker under this're dumber than you look.

Mr. President, my living will is going to say "you better not think about pulling the plug on me."

He says "I don't want bureaucracies making those decisions." How else are government decisions made? Do you have any idea how our enormous federal monster works?

No rational, non-kool-aid-drinking person honestly believes that a government program is going to be able to eliminate any kind of waste. If you believe that, there's a nice bridge in San Francisco I'd like to sell you.

After the break...should there be government insurance for people? Well, how the hell else are you going to provide insurance to all those uninsured folks?

If the CBO estimates $2 trillion over the next 10 years, it will end up costing $10 trillion.

He keeps saying the same thing over and over. "If you're happy with your plan, you keep it."

Eliminating preexisting conditions...basically, he is going to force insurance companies to take risks they wouldn't otherwise take. Just like the mortgage lending industry took risks they shouldn't have taken (partly thanks to pressure from liberal groups who wanted to increase minority homeownership). They never learn, do they?

Good Lord. Spend, spend, spend. It's not money we're already spending. It's money you're going to have to either borrow, raise through taxes, or print out of thin air. Why can't they just keep their grubby hands off it?

BHO asserts that government intervention is going to help the health care industry be more profitable and save more money. And, as Wayne Campbell once said, maybe monkeys will fly out of my butt.

Hat tip to @mkhammer: "
O shifting to say he'd like everybody to keep their HC, but last week he said, "No one will take it away. No matter what."

Of course there are "some" who want to tax benefits "at certain levels." You're one of those "some," Mr. President.

Yes, we've taken a "body blow" to the economy. So how is government intervention in a significant sector of the economy--the health care industry--going to help things? Government intervention sure hasn't helped any other sector of the economy.

Taking another break. I think I've had enough of this. It comes down to the fact that PrezBO and his ilk think that America is great because of its government, rather than because of our (seemingly forgotten) commitment to personal liberty.

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