Monday, January 21, 2008

Hunter drops out; Ron Paul still going strong

I was disappointed to hear that Duncan Hunter dropped out of the race on Saturday. I suppose it was inevitable, though, and probably overdue as well. It's too bad candidates like Hunter don't have a realistic shot at the nomination--at least not in the current climate. But maybe Ron Paul will change all that.

Paul placed second in the Nevada caucuses this weekend. This is his strongest showing yet, and still the mainstream media pretends that he doesn't exist. I wonder how he will fare on Super Tuesday? Hopefully he'll do well enough that they will have to acknowledge him more openly.

I recently put a "Gun Owners 4 Paul" sticker on the back of my pickup truck. I don't completely agree with all of Ron's positions--namely his foreign policy ideas--but I have to confess that the more I read Pat Buchanan, the more sense his non-interventionist policy I might wind up joining that camp, too.

More on Paul and Buchanan later.

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