Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Democrats fear for their safety

In the wake of their passage of ObamaCare™, it seems that a number of congressmen have had threatening phone messages from constituents or vandalism at their offices (or symbolic gestures like the coffin left at Russ Carnahan’s office). Some Democrats now say they are afraid for their safety. In the meantime, our Dear Leader president sounds as arrogant as ever, mocking opponents of the bill for “acting as if (it) would lead to ‘Armageddon.’”

I think it is a good thing that these tyrants are afraid. It’s about damn time they were afraid. They gallivant around Washington and spend our money like there’s no tomorrow, all the while looking down their noses at we “little people” in “flyover country.” They are the political elites, the ruling class, and they have believed for too long that they are better than us—that they are above us somehow. They are drunk on power, and they think they can do whatever they want without consequence. They ought to respect the people who put them in their positions; perhaps a little fear will lead to that respect.

I’m not advocating bloodshed, but I hope the people continue to voice their displeasure in no uncertain terms. As Sarah Palin said, “Don’t retreat…RELOAD!” Either these tyrants will get the message and start actually listening to their constituents, or they will find themselves cast out of the Capitol by the people’s pitchforks and torches (or perhaps rifles and shotguns).

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